Support services

marketingMore than anything we believe in working together on projects. It’s not a question of ‘do this’ and by magic it’s all done; rather creating and refining content, designs, etc in discussion.

Find out more about working together or have a look at the ways we can support you with the more administrative side of marketing and computing.

Content Management and Copywriting

If you need help putting content onto your site or even having it created for you (eg. blog articles) then this can usually be arranged on an account basis.

One to One Tutoring/ Training

In-person support to help you form strategies, understand and improve your social media and more. It happens on your desk and in plain English, simple.

Web and Graphical Support

Many of our clients have some resources (eg. a graphic designer friend) or want to try thing for themselves. We’re happy to encourage that and pick it up where needed.