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‘User-generated’ community sites are growing in popularity, size and influence. Because your users (and probably you) are already on these sites they are a good place to interact and can help in creating site traffic.


Facebook: The biggest: most businesses benefit from a Facebook Page (not a profile). It’s a simple place to chat, can be found in Google, and separated from your personal profile. It can also accept XML feeds, link to Twitter and run ads.
  Twitter: The ‘hottest’ site trend-wise. The key with Twitter is to not be serious all the time or talk about your product. It’s about personal and product updates, following trends. Links to both Facebook and LinkedIn.
YouTube: Part of Google this video sharing site is compelling and easy to use. It can also be used as a repository of videos on your site rather than needing media-streaming hosting. Hard to do well, but rewarding if you succeed.
LinkedIn: Basically Facebook for professionals, aimed at networking with other potential providers, recommending each other and getting answers to questions. Also accepts Twitter feeds and becoming a useful way not only to network but ask questions and has recently started allowing advertising.
Foursquare: A bit ‘new’ but growing rapidly. About a user’s location and ‘checking in’ to there. The main benefit is to those with a premises and giving offers to attract custom. For example: a user ‘Checks In’ to somewhere near your business and if you have an offer it says ‘Special Nearby’, say 10% off.

How We Can Help

We can help you set up the pages, link them together (eg. so one status update shows up in 3 places), show how to administrate them effectively and advise on: content; increasing fans; promoting your site, etc.

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