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Search Engines

Everyone wants to be on the first page of search engines. Although there are no guarantees (don’t believe anyone who offers them!) there are four key areas that boost your chances, increasing your site traffic.

Update Your Content!

No matter how clever your SEO strategy, regularly adding and updating your content is always a good idea. Search Engines are trying to mimic what users want. Both want up to date and good content.

Site Optimisation

Ensuring that your site is structured well helps both users and Search Engines. This ranges from good sitemaps, feeds, SEO URLs and meta descriptions, to not linking on words like ‘click here‘.


Social Media (Facebook, Blogs)

Social media along with ‘user-generated-content’ is both a great way to talk to customers and also make them aware of and link to your site.

Link Building

There is no substitute to building good links one by one over time. It can be labourious and requires record-keeping but will be worth it.

The concepts involved can take a little bit of time to grasp, and when you do it can be tempting to go all out. However like the toast below remember there is a limit and we can help you avoid destroying the site’s value.

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