Email Newsletters

Email NewslettersSending professional e-newsletters without double if not triple traffic to your site, increasing engagement and sales.

Custom Templates

For email marketing usually two templates are designed: one for regular emails; another for single-message like an event or big discount.

People can subscribe to your list through your site or be manually added and you can personalise emails ‘Dear Robert’ automatically.

Just like a content management system, you should be able edit the template, insert images, create links and then set it to go at a time you like.

Email Systems

Although some website systems (like our own) can send email newsletters it is often best to use a dedicated service as they’ve got great anti-spam ratings and usually provide particularly helpful statistics.

We’ve worked with multiple external solutions like MailChimp, Constant Contact and Best Response, both creating and altering custom templates. We can also help you clean up and insert contacts.

In Summary

We provide custom email newsletters that reflect your brand with full training on how to update and send them. Your newsletter will look good in common email systems (even Gmail), be SPAM safe and use best-practice

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