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Hi there, thanks for considering referring freshSPRING to your friend. To make it simple we’ve put an email together, which you can change below if you like or just click send.

If your friend decides to use freshSPRING then we’ll credit your account with £10, which we’ll take off the next bit of work you do with us. As a non-profit this isn’t a commission but rather reflects the time we’d have to spend finding new clients.

  • freshSPRING is a UK-based company offering professional digital and marketing services for what it costs do to them, and not more (non-profit / social enterprise). Working closely with passionate clients they provide:

    Print Design

    Artwork design for leaflets, flyers, brochures posters, business cards, letterhead and with compliments. They also provide custom logos, including making sure they're fit for social media. Crucially this includes support to help get your message right, or to clean up what you've already got. You get unlimited revisions.

    Web Design

    From single HTML pages to custom sites, ecommerce and specialised development freshSPRING walk you through the process in plain English, including training at your desk. Web design goes beyond websites and includes email newsletters, customising social media pages and crucially making sure you know how to use these tools effectively.

    Web Hosting

    Supporting the web design, freshSPRING also host your website, providing emails, security certificates for shops (the padlock), domain names (web addresses) and much more. They set the whole thing up and manage it on an ongoing basis with unlimited support included. Unlimited shared hosting is just £5/month including VAT.

    Find out more on our website, email or call us on 020 7078 3954 (Monday to Friday, 9-5).

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