freshSPRING aims to ‘serve Christ through technology’ by making professional web solutions accessible to small entities and individuals. We’re also working hard on using technology to help charities in the area of giving.


Conceived in 1999 in Uganda the vision slowly developed while making sites for friends and family. The vision honed, freshSPRING was incorporated on June 7th 2005 as a company limited by guarantee (i.e. not-for-profit), and has traded continuously ever since.

Values & Ethics

We don’t hide the fact we are Christians, but we work with people from all backgrounds and faiths. Put simply: we are honest; will get the work done; and will charge fairly. We also use The Cooperative Bank to ensure we bank ethically.


We’re an eco-friendly company that cares about our environment:

  • walks, bikes, uses buses, tubes and trains wherever possible
  • minimises energy wastage, both on our PCs and also servers
  • recycles, reuses and avoids print/ paper waste where possible