Social Media Tips (1)

Clients frequently ask us how they can use social media effectively. Here’s a few of the more common questions raised. Please do add comments and ideas at the end to expand on this advice. Or if you have more questions you’d like answered let us know and we’ll see what we can do!!

How can I get 1,000+ followers?

Image of a group of peopleFirstly, don’t put a number down as a goal – quality is more important than quantity. More important than numbers is who follows you and whether they are relevant to your business.

That said, it’s nice to get off the zero block when you’re starting out – so do invite your personal networks (email, friends, church, other social groups etc.) to join you. They’ll do it because they like you rather than for business purposes, but it helps. They are more likely to refer you if they’re aware of what you’re up. And while they may not need your services, one of their followers/friends may, and connect with you through them. That is, afterall, what networking’s about.

Make it clear and easy at all points to find you – links on your website, in email newsletters you send out, the footer of your regular emails, on the printed material you have, basically anywhere you have publicity.

To expand numbers you can run a competition which requires people to ‘like’ or ‘follow’ you to go in the ‘winning draw’. This does work (we’ve tried) – you gain some relevant connections but also competition-hunters who aren’t interested in your business offering. Although through them you may be exposed to more potential clients/customers.

Usually the number of people on your social network is more likely to be a factor of the number of people on your email list, so growing that – which is another subject entirely! – is equally important.

Start to follow/ like potential clients. This might seem a bit odd, but it’s actually key. With services like Twitter they’ll  (hopefully) start to follow you back. Equally important you’ll start to see what’s important to them and have an opportunity to respond and engage. You want them to ‘know you’ so that when they need the services you have to offer – or know someone else who does – they think of you first.

What about this NEW Social Media network?

New social media networks are going to keep cropping up. Along with those who think it’s ‘essential’ you join. However, before investing your precious time and energy, put your business head on and ask the following questions:

  • Have I heard about it from several perspectives (not just that uber-connected person who is an early adopter)?
  • What does it actually do? For example, if you have a location-based business and the network uses location there may be value in joining. But not so much if you’re not a location-based service or you don’t want to put an address online.
  • Do I already have content I can use on it? If not, you’ll have to generate new content – an extra time investment.
  • Can you put a link to your website or other social media on it?
  • Can it be added to your social media management system? (Such as Hootsuite, TweetDeck, Sprout Social.)
  • How many users does it have where you operate? It may be all the rage in Hollywood but not have crossed the ocean yet (do a Google-search to check).

You’re going have to decide for yourself whether the time investment is worth it for the potential returns on business. See our ‘7 ways to get social‘ blog post outlining 7 of the key networks people are talking about. If you hear of another one you’re wondering about why not get in touch, or add a comment below?

Next time we’ll be looking at the questions, ‘How can I manage social media?’ and ‘What should I post?’

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