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Social Media

It seems like everyone is using social media these days. So long as you understand the business reasons for being there it can be a very useful resource. These tips should help you to get started.

Social Media

What to write

Mainly what you should write needs to be interesting and only vaguely relevant to your company. e.g. if you sell food then anything food-related works, even if it’s not something you sell, it could even be about a particular TV programme like Master Chef.

It might be hard to consider what ‘photos’ to put up, but obviously your products should come first then things like little events you’ve held or even some of the key people involved. Ideally in the long-run you want to have photos of people using your products.

Make sure you update the page roughly once a week to keep things interesting and don’t just tell people what you’re doing but ask their opinions, get feedback and chat :)

Linking to Twitter

If you have a Twitter account for your organisation you can easily link them through which allows each Facebook Page to link to a different account. The benefit is that status updates from Facebook appear on Twitter and vice versa, saving the trouble of multiple updates.

Caution: make sure you’re logged into the correct Twitter account prior to trying this as you may end up linking your personal Twitter account with your Facebook Page by accident :)

Get Statistics (Insights)

After you’ve set up your page it should shortly be findable in the ‘Search’ but also via a little button at the bottom that looks like an ‘f’ in a speech bubble. When you click on this you get to a statistics page called InSights with the possibility to drill down further. The first rule of statistics is to remember that although you can get a figure it doesn’t necessarily mean it is relevant or useful and -for the most part- don’t worry about them. Mainly you want to get more fans signing up than leaving, that simple really which is a sign of success.

Create a Facebook Page

Having a Facebook Page is a simple way of interacting with customers where they are, on Facebook, and possibly more importantly, helping them interact with you. Facebook helps you have a relationship with your customers.

Some example Facebook Pages can be found here: (doesn’t require Facebook login to view).


  • To create a page you need to have a Facebook login of your own on which to make a page, (though this doesn’t necessarily associate your personal profile with the page) and go to or find ‘create a page’ on their homepage without logging in at
  • Like any profile, you need a picture, ideally in square format so it looks good when resized (try adding white space if your logo isn’t square)
  • Fill out the ‘info page with a link to your website, some text about who you are, etc.
  • People become ‘Fans’ of the page by clicking on a big box at the top and you don’t need to confirm them like you would if they were a ‘friend’
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