PricingIt can be scary dealing with design and development, so we do things a bit differently. We only charge the time needed to do a professional job.


  • Fixed price, clearly itemised
  • Quotes over £300 can be split into two payments
  • Most work is quoted*, no retainers


  • Websites, Graphics = £30/hour
  • In-Person Training = £50/hour

Payment Methods

  • Invoices have 14 days credit
  • Payment by bank transfer, cheque or card (PayPal)
  • *Accounts can be arranged for regularly monthly work, but we only charge the work we do up to a budget set by you

As a non-profit company all we ask is that you pay on time so we can pay our staff because we don’t have big reserves. It also helps us keep our prices low going forward.

We are however also happy to talk things through and on occassion work out special payment solutions; though we do this by exception to those who really need it to be fair to all our clients.