We’re not your typical business and inevitably that brings some questions.

To make the answers clearer please remember that we are a non-profit Christian company, with the aim of supporting small businesses, churches, charities and passionate individuals by making professional digital services both affordable and accessible to these people.

Where is your office?

We don’t have one is the simplest answer but you can post things to us, as detailed on our contact page.

The reason is that an offices is an expensive overheads and would increase our prices. As a web company all of our products are digital so we realised we could have a virtual company with everyone working from their homes or wherever they happen to be which increases our flexibility and capacity (we can expand without having to move office).

Additionally when it comes to making something as complex and personal as websites and print it makes much more sense for us to come to you, see what you have in terms of content and computing ability. Additionally we’re addicted to coffee so often meet in mutually-acceptable coffee shops. We also need to get out from behind our computers once in a while!

How do you pay yourselves if you are non-profit?

Non profit doesn’t mean we don’t pay ourselves or have bills but it does mean our company has no shares in it (a Company Limited by Guarantee) so we don’t pay shareholders or need to make a profit. Basically we need to cover our costs and that’s it, which is where our hourly rates come from (see pricing).

How and why are you so affordable?

Our goal is to make websites and associated technology affordable and accessible to people who either can’t afford to do so or don’t have the capacity. Hence we have an aim to charge what we need rather than what we could charge.

We have also designed ourselves to minimise cost through the following:

  • No office overheads and a focus on being virtual (minimal paper, etc) shave huge amounts from our costs, while being non-profit means no corporation tax to pay.
  • A flexible system of committed freelancers who have a wide number of skills but don’t require full-time employment. We help skill them further and because they believe in our aims we pay a decent rate (pro rata of c.£25k) but lower than commercial rates.
  • Designing and using a Content Management System (CMS) targeted at the small business/ charity niche means we have lots of relevant code that we can reuse/ recyclable and hence keep development costs down. Also working predominantly on one system that we know backwards minimises the number of hours required.
  • Our business plan aims for referrals to find clients who need support and because there is general similarity amongst such clients we can quickly do roll-outs and quotes allowing for that elusive ‘Quantity and Quality’. Increased number of clients allows for new development which is then retro-applied to all existing clients

Do I have to be a Christian to be a client?

Certainly not, in fact half our client base are not Christians (that’s a guess, we don’t ask). We hope you will see Christ in the way we work with you but by no means do we ‘bible-bash’ anyone. Indeed a few of our freelancers are also not Christians. If you want to find out more, please just ask, but there is no need to be concerned!

What do you mean by ‘Serving Christ with Technology’?

We don’t hide that freshSPRING is a Christian company but view that as an opportunity to show who Christ is through the way that we work, though although we work as if serving Christ we don’t force our faith on anyone.

Hence while our client list does include churches and Christian organisations it also includes a jeweller, medical technology company, public speaker, speech therapist, etc. We will work with anyone who is passionate and/or in need regardless of their faith, so long as the work doesn’t directly conflict with our beliefs. If you’re curious about Christ, just ask.

More Questions?

Feel free to just get in touch and ask, we’re happy to explain things.